A Holistic Health Program Growing children into happy healthy adults
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Who Are We!

The 7 Natural Physicians (7NPs) is a holistic health promotion program used by health professionals and educators. The 7NPs has been developed for children and has shown to have specific application for low literacy groups. It is designed as an early intervention tool for the prevention of the development of chronic illness.

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Kids Games
Meet The 7 Natural Physicians
  • Dr Think Right - Attitude hello
  • Dr Inhale Exhale - Air
  • Dr Gastro Nomical - Nutrition
  • Dr UV Ray - Sunshine
  • Dr Hydrop Therapy - Water
  • Dr Vi Tality - Exercise
  • Dr Zizz - Rest
  • Meet The 7 NPs
  • Students Introduce The 7NPs

Mental Health

Trish Thomas's Dr Think Right lays a foundation block for developing mental heath resilience. This is important given that mental health illness affects 1 in 5 Australians. Teaching 'right thinking' is aimed at empowering children. There is solid scientific evidence to show that choosing positive attitudes helps guard against mental illness.

Dr Inhale Exhale is the expert when it comes to using breath to calm emotions and Dr Zizz advocates a good night sleep to guard against lapses into bad moods and making poor choices. The 7NPs works with synergistic health and wellbeing outcomes.


Dr UV Ray, the sunshine doctor, values happiness and directs children to be SunSmart. She reminds children to be careful when playing under the sun's strong, sometimes harmful rays. Meanwhile researchers are rapidly publishing articles on the 'hot topic' of Vitamin D for bone health, immunity and mental health and wellbeing.


Trish is passionate about Dr Gastro Nomical's messages. Dr Gastro advocates not only making healthy choices but being careful about the way we eat. Dr Gastro Nomical says that, "we should chew out food slowly.....until it is like baby food." We eat less this way. This is an important message for those looking for additional supports to help manage addictions to energy rich foods.

7NPs Recommendations Prof Lee Kennedy & Patch Adams

Prof Lee Kennedy

Professor Lee Kennedy, Head of theMedical School at Deakin University, says,

“With obesity and diabetes emerging in our populations, increasingly and alarmingly amongst younger ages, we desperately need educational interventions that work and are acceptable to children and adolescents. I have witnessed the 7NPs being delivered in local schools and had the pleasure of seeing how the key health messages are delivered and presented in and entertaining and digestible format.”



Patch Adams

Dr Patch Adams, Medical doctor; Clown; Performer; Social Activist; Founder and Director of the Gesundheit Institute, a holistic medical community, says

"I am so tickled that your educational work thrives. Keep infecting people with your exuberance."




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All About 7NPs

trish thomasrob thomas


Teacher and Health Practitioner

Trish and Rob Thomas believe that 'learning about' and 'practicing' sensible healthcare practices should be fun. They believe that clowning is a deliriously infectious way to impart important healthcare messages. 

Rob and Trish collaboratively draw on a range of teaching, allied health and curriculum development skills to bring a level of depth to the 7NPS holistic healthcare program. Rob and Trish enjoy the challenge of inspiring their audiences when addressing contemporary healthcare issues. The 7NPs has a target audience of 0-99 year olds including children, families, educators and health professionals. 



We see the 7NPs delighting children & inspiring anyone and everyone to achieve their desired health goals.

Mission Statement

To provide an alphabet for health and inspire individuals to live intelligent, creative, artistic, passionate, compassionate lives.

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Additional 7NP's resources are designed for use by schools, healthcare or childcare organisations. Please contact us to discuss licensing agreements and help with selecting the most appropriate 7NP's resources to suit your teaching needs.

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